In its 24 years of existence, Hyderabad Presidency College has set up an excellent track record in student training and development, teaching and research in emerging areas of thrust and career potential. Today, its reputation has spread far and wide through word of mouth of parents and students and the stream of news reports of its achievements. For goal-oriented young people in the region, Hyderabad Presidency College has become the number one destination.

Students entering our college have not necessarily been academically the brightest. The College believes that, given the reasonable motivation and aptitude, every student can be and should be groomed to be a competent professional with a broad range of abilities.

The results of MBA courses over the past several years have been very encouraging and impressive. The results in the last three years are as mentioned below :

Sl.No Academic
Ist ClassIInd Class
1 2008-09
2 2009-10
3 2010-11